Shocking Revelations: 5 Times Salman Khan’s Behavior Sparked Controversy – #3 Will Shock You to the Core!

Salman Khan is one of the biggest Bollywood stars in India, known for his acting, dancing, and philanthropy work. However, throughout his career, he has also been embroiled in several controversies that have garnered widespread attention. In this article, we will explore five of the most prominent controversies that Salman Khan has been involved in.

  1. Hit and Run Case:

One of the most infamous controversies that Salman Khan has been involved in is the 2002 hit-and-run case. In September 2002, Salman Khan was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser when he hit several people sleeping on the pavement in Mumbai, killing one and injuring four others. The actor was arrested and charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

The trial went on for over a decade, during which Salman Khan was acquitted and convicted several times. Finally, in 2015, the Bombay High Court found Salman Khan guilty of all charges and sentenced him to five years in prison. However, the sentence was later suspended, and the actor was released on bail.

  1. Blackbuck Poaching Case:

In 1998, Salman Khan, along with several other Bollywood actors, went on a hunting trip in Rajasthan. During the trip, the group allegedly hunted and killed two blackbucks, an endangered species protected under Indian law. A case was filed against Salman Khan, and the trial went on for almost two decades.

In 2018, a Jodhpur court found Salman Khan guilty of killing the blackbucks and sentenced him to five years in prison. However, the actor was later granted bail and continues to appeal the verdict.

  1. Remarks on 26/11 Attacks:

In 2010, Salman Khan made controversial remarks during an interview with a Pakistani channel about the 2008 Mumbai attacks, also known as 26/11. The actor reportedly said that the Pakistani government was not involved in the attacks and that Indian Muslims were responsible for the incident. The comments sparked outrage in India, with several people calling for a boycott of Salman Khan’s films.

The actor later apologized for his comments and clarified that he did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

  1. Nepotism Controversy:

In 2020, after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, several people in the Indian film industry came under fire for promoting nepotism and favoritism. Salman Khan was one of the actors accused of promoting nepotism and giving preferential treatment to star kids over talented outsiders.

The controversy led to a social media campaign calling for a boycott of Salman Khan’s films and a demand for more opportunities for talented actors from non-film backgrounds.

  1. Rape Remarks Controversy:

In 2016, during the promotions of his film “Sultan,” Salman Khan made a controversial comment about rape. When asked about the grueling training he underwent for the film, the actor reportedly said that he felt like a “raped woman” after the shooting.

The comments sparked outrage on social media, with several people calling for a boycott of the film and demanding an apology from Salman Khan. The actor later apologized for his remarks, stating that he did not intend to trivialize the issue of rape.

In conclusion, Salman Khan is no stranger to controversy, and these are just a few of the incidents that have put him in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Despite the controversies, Salman Khan remains one of the most popular actors in India, with millions of fans who continue to support him.

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